Hi Derek,

Sounds like you've solved many part issues.

The front forks are similar to Suzuki GS125 forks.  EMB modified the springs and steel -- used stronger steel and springs than the GS125 due to the Lectra's increased weight.  Otherwise, the forks should be the same as a GS125, including the seals.

A couple points:

For your chain, make sure it is roller chain WITHOUT O-rings.  The O-rings cause excessive drag and reduce power to the rear wheel by about 1/2 HP.

The front sprocket EMB purchased from Sprocket Specialists in So.Cal.  They are very similar to Honda moto-cross front sprockets -- 420 chain size.

The rear sprockets were custom molded and machined.  However the design started with go-kart sprockets EMB bought from Azusa Engineering in So. Cal.

Sorry about ZAP providing poor service -- but it's not the bankruptcy -- their service sucked for as long as I can remember..... I'm happy to help.