Date: Thu Mar 21, 2002 02:06:47 PM America/Phoenix
To: Scott Cronk <>
Subject: help -- need part number for Lectra front fork seal

Hi Scott,

Sorry to pester you with such a mundane question but I am really stuck and not sure who else to ask. ZAP Bikes is filing for bankruptcy and won't return messages, so I don't know where else to go.

My Lectra actually needed two new fork seals, two new sprockets, and a chain. A place in town here was able to send out for new sprockets to be machined to spec, and those are back and ready now, which is good news. The chain was also easy for them to replace.

But: they tried the same thing with the front fork seals, trying to measure them and get a match. No match from any of the "seal shops" in town.

They cannot put the damaged seal back on.
The bike cannot be ridden without the seal.
They cannot find another seal.

So my bike is there to stay unless I can find the part!

I had the impression that many (most?) of the parts in the front fork assembly were "off the shelf". I searched the assembly drawings that you sent me long ago, looking for part numbers, but all I saw were EMB part numbers, no Honda parts or the like. But is there in fact a match from another vendor for the front fork seals, or for any other part?

This kind of information would be extremely valuable to me now, since I am basically entirely on my own with respect to maintenance. When I go to any repair place, the only thing they seem to know how to deal with is a vendor and part number.

If I can get this resolved, I can probably ride my Lectra another six thousand miles! If not, it's probably the end of the line, and I can't stand that idea, after having surmounted all the other maintenance hurdles so far.

Thanks in advance,