Frequently Asked Questions

What Everyone Asks

How fast does it go?
How far does it go on one charge?
How long does it take to recharge?
Why are the wheels so small?
How much noise does it make?
Can two people ride?

What People Seriously Considering Ownership Ask

How much does it cost?
How much does a complete charge cost?
How long do the batteries last, and how much do they cost?
How much maintenance is required?
What breaks first?  What should I expect to replace?
Is it safe to ride in the rain?
What if it sits in the sun?
Is that 200 pound weight limit a rigid requirement?

What Actual Owners Ask

Regen Braking

How much will it increase my range?
Why is it so loud?
What is "excessive" regen braking and how will that damage the batteries?
What’s the “best” way to use it?

Cooling and the “T” (Temperature) Light

What’s that fan I can hear at stoplights?
How long does it take to cool down?
What sorts of practices can keep the motor cool?


How do I get into the “trunk” where I can store the manual and my registration?
What if my license plate doesn’t fit the mount on the back of the Lectra?