Panoramic Pictures

How to view

When viewing these pictures in your browser, notice your horizontal scroll bar, and use it! They’re just big images, no other special software required, but since most websites try to keep themselves roughly within the bounds of the default width of your browser, you’re probably used to using the vertical scrollbar but not the horizontal one.

Make sure your browser is not set up to scale large images to fit within the window. This preference may be in different places depending on your browser. A couple that I know about:


If you’re using the Firefox browser, you may need to go into your Preferences, choose Advanced, find the Multimedia pane, and uncheck the preference that says, “Resize large images to fit in the browser window”. You want these images to be full height.


Under “Web Preferences”, uncheck “Scale images to fit within content pane”.


I’ve had problems with Mozilla 1.6 on the last image, the 360° one, but I can’t figure out why; other browsers seem fine with it. It says the images contain errors, which might simply mean that Mozilla needs to be upgraded to the latest version.

Colorado Trip

Three really excellent panoramas came out of this trip. I went hiking with my friend Erik to three different places:

Garden of the Gods

Even this panorama does not do it justice.

Lily Lake

On the road to Lily Lake, took this picture, which shows the aspens turning.

The Crags

We hiked a mountain here that had an incredible view of the surrounding area.

Big Clouds

Here is my back yard on a day where the cloud formations were particularly impressive. I was going to just take a regular snapshot, but no matter where I pointed my camera, there was no way to capture the grandeur in a single picture. The panorama does better, although I could have wished for more height. It’s hard to communicate pictorially the size of the Arizona skies or what it is that makes them seem so huge. This photo is roughly 180°.

Grandma’s Back Yard

Here is another back yard picture—my Grandma Sally’s back yard. Here are both the 180° version and the 360° version.