Paid Software


My version of the game Black Box, written for iOS. You can see a description of the game, and screenshots, here, and you can go straight to the iTunes App Store by clicking on the badge below.

Free Software


I enjoy text-based adventure games. Even though I loved Myst, Riven, The Space Bar, Zork Nemesis, and others, there’s something (perhaps nostalgic) about the natural-language-like interface of a text adventure that keeps me coming back. In the early ’90s I wrote an adventure creation language, Archetype, and some games you can play in it.

Inform Adventures

I rewrote one of my Archetype adventures, The Gorreven Papers, in the Inform 7 language. Follow the link above and you can play it directly within your browser (Firefox recommended) or download the story file and a player.


My first Mac was a Macintosh Performa, running MacOS 7.6. (It is long since gone.) Unlike modern Mac OS X, which is built on Unix, has a Terminal and for which a wide variety of scripting languages are available, back in MacOS 7.6, AppleScript was the only out-of-the-box way to script anything. It was weird, required a special Script Editor, but I liked its ambition. I also liked the degree to which its syntax resembled an adventure game! Apple had created a language that tried to resemble a natural language to the greatest degree possible. Whether this is a success is a matter of debate. (The result is more readable than writable, in my opinion.) Here’s a collection of fairly useful AppleScripts that I used to run daily on that Performa.