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This is a diary of my experience so far with my electric motorcycle—a ’99 Lectra from ZAP Electric Bikes. Their catalog entry for the Lectra is here. It used to be sold by Electric Motorbike (EMB), but they have been bought by ZAP.

My Take On 2001

Did you like Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey? Did you want to like it but not understand it, especially the first and last parts? Nobody seems to hold the ultimate and undisputed explanation, but in my take on the movie, I think I have a reasonably good explanation for a couple of the main questions people have, namely: what’s the deal with the ape-men? and why did HAL start killing everybody? (And yes, I did see 2010, but I have a different idea that I think is better supported, within the context of 2001 alone.) Hint: It all has to do with Nietzsche.

Small Talk

Here’s an essay on the moon illusion—exactly why the moon sometimes appears so much larger on the horizon than it does at its zenith. It’s really an explanation, not an essay, as it doesn’t have a controversial point to make. I just think it’s fascinating and wanted to share it.

Thought Provokers

God’s Toddler

Why does God seems so different between the Old and New Testaments if He’s changeless?


In which I am shocked to discover that many of my memories of merely 20 years ago were suddenly inaccessible just because of proprietary word processing formats. In this essay I discuss the problem, its roots, and some solutions.