Table of Contents: Lectra Diary

I’ve split up the diary into several sections, latest entries at the end.

  1. The Courtship: how I came to buy an EMB Lectra.
  2. The First Two Months: what I found out about it during the first two months of ownership.
  3. Summer 1999: what happened and how it performed during its first punishing summer in Tucson.
  4. Spring 2000: the Lectra and the Arizona tax credit, among other things.
  5. January 2001: how I faced the Leaking Acid Horror.
  6. February 2001: how I finally replaced my entire battery pack.
  7. Spring 2002: “Trial by Parts” - facing and surviving major part replacement.
  8. Fall 2002: Fire! End of the line for my toasted Lectra.
  9. Winter 2002: What happened with insurance, and my current and future plans.
  10. January 2003: Shakedown.  Arizona looks for someone to squeeze for its screw-ups, and it’s me.
  11. Citizen Jones: In which I hit the books to determine whether or not me and my Lectra have to take the fall.
  12. The End of the Matter: Arizona respects my research and leaves me alone: the 1999 law did not exclude motorcycles!